ChromaFlux ScreenPaint5DS2 - Sprayed

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Price: $89.00
Model: ScreenPaint5DS2
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ChromaFlux ScreenPaint5DS2 - Sprayed is a water-based projection screen paint for 2D and 3D applications. A truly versatile solution that allows nearly any surface to be transformed into a quality 2D and 3D projection surface.

Paint Characteristics

  • Gain: 1.4 (Reflects 140% of the projected brightness)
  • Superb Contrast levels
  • Angular-Reflective material with Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) capabilities
  • 4K Ultra HD, HDR, and Active 3D/Passive 3D Ready
  • Formulated from a neutral gray scale to attain an accurate white point (color temperature)
  • Produces vibrant colors with enhanced black/white levels for rich detailed imagery
  • 96% Polarization Retention
  • Adds depth to 3D images
  • Great for both home and commercial use 

Think outside The Box

  • Not limited by screen sizes, aspect ratios, or shape
  • Even the most particular preferences can always be met
  • Eliminates masking problems by fixed aspect ratios 

Easy on the Wallet

  • An affordable option for an impressive home theater
  • Up to a 140” diagonal size in 16:9 aspect ratio screen can be painted with one set

 Simple Application

  • Administer using a spray gun only
  • Applies and dries just like housepaint
  • Prior painting experience isn’t necessary

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