manual SRM

Manual SRM Series 100" (16:9)

star star star star star Peter
Great product, but not easy to hang by itself without buying more supplies.
The screen itself looks high quality and fancy, but there are some points of contention that pertain to installation: If you mount it on the ceiling, you'll need to buy chains to hang it on and there are 2 points to hang it from - one on each end of the casing, but that should be expected.
If you mount it on a WALL however, the unit comes with 3 drywall anchors (the type that you hammer into the dry wall and then put a screw through. The problem is that they are USELESS - no drywall can support the weight of this thing on those anchors alone unless it's the thickest drywall you've ever come across - add to it the fact that there are only 2 hanging points - one on each end of the unit - to support the whole thing. Wanna hang it on studs instead? Great idea! Except, since there are only 2 hanging points, you have to pray to God that the ends align with your studs, and if they don't, you're SOL.

My solution - since I bought the 120" screen (which means the casing is about 109" long), I went to Home Depot and bought a primed board (that looks like a baseboard but a bit thicker) that was 10' long (120" - plenty to hang the casing on) - I bought a primed one because it was white and matched my wall. I went home and screwed that board onto the wall against the studs - now there's a nice sturdy board to hang the casing onto.

With all that being said, I still gave it a 5 star review because, frankly, there's nothing really they could have done to make it "fit" on my wall - there are no anchors that will hold it against a drywall, and everyone's stud placement is different. The product itself, however, is high quality and though it really doesn't make a highly-noticeable difference between shining it on a wall or shining it on a screen, it still looks a lot fancier if you have a screen to project on, really gives a "home theater" feeling that I was going for in my man cave.

manual SRM

Manual Series 100"(16:9)

star star star star star Reid C.
Great screen, easy install
This is truly a great screen. I just ordered and mounted the 100" screen and everything worked out flawlessly. I used the plastic drywall anchors and screws that came with the screen and it was more than enough support. I saw some people saying that two drywall anchors won't hold the screen, but that is most certainly not the case. A normal plastic anchor supports ~ 40lbs each. As for the screen itself, when it was first pulled down the edges were curled in a bit, but after leaving it down overnight they straightened out perfectly. I definitely recommend this screen to future buyers!

manual SRM

Spectrum Series 100"(16:9) Electric100H

star star star star starScott
Fine quality acoustically transparent screen

I purchased a 100 inch acoustically transparent version of this screen from a professional installer three months ago and couldn't be happier with how it works. I use a ceiling mounted LG-PA75U LED projector with it and the picture quality is great. I have experienced no curling of the screen at all and no odd visual effects because of the weave of the screen material The LG projector has a 700 lumen rating so it's not as bright as some others, but with a darkened room on the Elite screen, the picture is bright and sharp with vivid colors. With the LG projector having a 30,000 hour life expectancy on the LED light source, I don't have to worry about bulb replacement either. The screen drops down in front of an existing 61 inch flat panel set that is flanked by a pair of Thiel 3.6 large floor standing speakers. That's the reason I needed a screen that allowed sound to flow through it. The speakers sound as good with the screen down as when the screen is retracted. Just what I was hoping for. The screen lowers smoothly making barely a hum as it does so. One thing I noticed that I hadn't thought of is that, being acoustically transparent means light can also pass through the screen material. You can't use it with say, an unshaded window behind the screen during daylight hours since the light showing through from the back would be distracting. That only effects the acoustically transparent versions of this Elite Screen. That problem isn't one that effects my particular installation since I have a light blocking shade on the only window in the room.. The standard Elite Screens have a light blocking fabric on the back so a light source behind the screen would not be visible through it.

manual SRM

Sable Frame 3D Series 100"(16:9)

star star star star star Jaysour
Elite Screen a Winner!!
I was putting together a nice home theater area in the basement for the family. I did a lot of researching on what screens to buy. I am no expert by any means when it comes to home theater components but this Elite screen really impressed me.

It was easy to put together. It took maybe 45 minutes and everything snapped into place with ease. I thought stretching the screen might become a little of a chore but it was simple and straight forward. The frame (covered in black velvet) screwed together with the enclosed allen wrench. Mounting on the wall was a breeze. Attached the brackets to studs in the wall, level of course and the screen sits right on the brackets. We were watching movies by that evening.

The picture was excellent using our Optoma HD20. The screen has a gain of 1.1 and gaming and Blu Ray movies were sharp and bright on this white matte screen. I realize the projector is an important part but the screen also adds to the experience and this Elite screen combines great performance and ease of installation.

manual SRM

Tripod Series 85"(1:1) T85UWS1

star star star star star D. K.
Excellent quality screen !
I bought this screen to make presentations to large groups. Great screen. It is fairly large (84" Diag - which translates for the 4:3 aspect ration to 50" high x 67" wide) measuring about 72" or 6 ft long when completely folded up. That is a bit large to fit in most cars comfortably ... be sure to check your transportation means before ordering ... it is also pretty heavy and you will probably want to buy a case to protect it from wear and tear: I recommend this case on Amazon: Da-Lite Screen "70IN Zipper Bag for Tri-pod Screen" (under $40). I dressed up the screen by adding a "drape" to cover the space from the bottom of the screen to the floor. I bought a wide panel (54" high by 84" or so wide) of a sheer black (black-out) curtain and a couple of pieces of aluminum "U" channel that I screw together with two bolts and wing nuts. The "U" channel piece is the hung from the bottom of the screen using hooks at the end ... the curtain is folded in half ( half of the 54" height) with the fold over the "u" channel ... all of which can be packed up in the screen case !

manual SRM

ezCinema Series 80" (16:9) F80NWH

star star star star star Matt W.
Awesome Portable Screen!
As a wedding cinematographer, one of the most popular concepts in wedding films in the past few years has been the Same Day Edit - where you film the pre-ceremony and ceremony and edit together a short film of the day to show to guests at the wedding reception. Rather than relying on the bride and groom to provide a projector or screen I purchased this Elite Screens 80 inch screen. It is portable and looks extremely professional when setup. Even better, the projected image (that's what really matters) looks great on it! It is MUCH BETTER than projecting onto a wall. I originally wanted to 100 inch screen but it would not fit in my car so I had to go with the 80 inch. Even with that, it still sticks through my trunk into my backseat and between the driver and passenger seats. Be aware that the case is larger than the screen when fitting it for your car.

For something so large, setup could not be easier! One person can have it setup in less than a minute. It comes in nice yet cheaply made bag (more on that later) and is folded in on itself with a metal casing and handle. It's not too heavy but you must be aware of where you are walking when carrying it because you will no doubt hit someone or a wall if you don't. Once the metal snaps are undone you simply place the aluminum rod in its vertical holder and slide up the screen.

The 16:9 aspect ratio fits my 1080p wedding videos perfectly. If youre projector isn't HD you should look at getting a 4:3 or 1:1 screen instead.

Now about the bag... The screen comes in a black canvas fitted bag that has quite possibly the cheapest zippers I've ever seen. Upon first unzipping one snapped off in my hand. The zipper clasps are made of an extremely brittle metal - just expect them to break within the first 10 seconds of owning the screen. This is not a deal breaker though because the screen is still completely encased in the much better made metal enclosure. I still slip the bag over the case to make sure it doesn't scratch the case but honestly the bag is pretty awful otherwise. The bag is not enough for this screen itself to not be 5 stars though.