A Collection of Our Most Popular Products House of Worship

Large Sized Electric Drop Down Projection Screen

VMAX Plus4 Series

VMAX235XWV Plus4
235” Diagonal – 4:3 Aspect Ratio – 140.3” x 187” Viewing

ElitesScreens’ award winning VMax Plus4 series of projection screens are Elites’ most favored by schools, community centers, and houses of worship for their affordability and large format scale, they provide an optimal projection experience in bringing a quality electric screen with a multitude of features.

Multi-Purpose Electric Screen with Included IR Remote,
Low Voltage 3-way Switch & 12V Trigger Cable

Spectrum Series

100” Diagonal – 16:9 Aspect Ratio – 49” x 87.2” Viewing

Elite Screens’ Spectrum series of projection screens are the absolute solution for any one who is looking for a high quality electric projection screen without breaking the bank. Arrives at your doorstep loaded with features and housed within a durable casing that easily installs to your wall or ceiling, ready to plug and play.

Manual Floor Rising, Scissor Back Projection Screen

ezCinema Series

150” Diagonal – 4:3 Aspect Ratio – 90” x 120” Viewing

Elite Screens EzCinema series of screens are the perfect solution for an impressive “home theater in a box” projection. Designed with mobility and ease of use in mind.