Airflex5D AF5D-21

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AF5D-21 Front
AF5D-21 FrontAF5D-21 RearWhat Airflex5D 21 series includesHow Airflex5D works
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Model: AF5D-21
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1. Full HD 1080P passive 3D does not flicker by alternating left & right eye exposure like active 3D does. This allows Passive 3D to be brighter, cleaner and easier on the eyes.
2. Airflex5D Passive-3D dual projection system is over 2X brighter than a traditional single Active-3D projector
3. Combining 4 or 6 projectors will make the image over 4x to 6x brighter than a single projector on active 3D mode
4. Full 10 bit graphic scaler with 3D de-interlacing and 3:2/2:2 film mode processing
5. Advanced video processing with automatic RGB color enhancement
6. Supports all Passive-3D formats, 1080P 3D frame packing, side-by-side & top-bottom Passive 3D format
7. Standard multiple Input formats - VGA, DVI, HDMI 8. Passive 3D Kit Accessory Included (10x Stereoscopic 3D Glass & 2x Circular Polarized Lens filter)
9. Remote Control included for quick setup 10. *Optional Polarized Silver Screen, 3D Chromaflux Screen Paint (By Elite Screens Inc.)

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